Cooking Bacon

I'm back with another tip for our tip Tuesday!

So I love bacon anything, but cooking it is not my favorite at all. I hate getting splattered and having to clean up all ov that grease. So I recently discovered that you can cook bacon in your oven! Hallelujah! Now when I am making a nice breakfast everything can be ready at once!

*First we like to cut our bacon in half. To make it a little easier on the kids to eat.

*Second line a baking sheet with a couple of sheets of tinfoil.

*Third place the bacon on and put it in a 375 degree oven.

*Fourth check on it in about 4 min and once it has reached your desired doneness. take it out and place on paper towels. (we like ours crispy)

*Fifth, let the grease cool on the foil and when it hardens just take off the foil and throw it away for easy clean up!Pin It