Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Listens To A Footage Of 'Galaxy' From Her Latest Solo Album

SNSD's Taeyeon will soon be carrying out her long-awaited solo comeback.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Listens to a Footage of 'Galaxy' from Her Latest Solo Album
Prior to that, on Saturday (12/12) Taeyeon had uploaded a trailer for the third song entitled 'Galaxy'.

"Galaxy" is one of the songs that will be included in the fourth solo mini album, "What Do I Call You".

With the accompaniment of medium-tempo R&B pop music, on the song 'Galaxy', we can also listen to Taeyeon's melodious voice singing softly.

The preview video for the song 'Galaxy' also features Taeyeon's cute appearance with a colorful doodle animation.

While looking forward to Taeyeon's comeback on December 15, 2020, listen to the trailer for the song 'Galaxy' through the following teaser video! (