Home Made Liquid Laundry Soap

I have been using a homemake laundry detergent for a few months now--  and I have loved it.  But it was a little time consuming and tricky (well tricky isn't the right word- the girls were helping me make it last time & MESSY is the better word... as in the pot of soap boiling over all down the stove & floor.  Haha good times!!  It was great laughs!!  I'll just say "I wasn't the one in charge of watching the pot!")   Anyway getting back to the process of making the detergent...you had to grate a bar of soap and cook it down on the stove with other ingredients & then when it cooled down it thickened too-- so you had to shake it up before using it everytime.  It wasn't that bad.. because it really did work well and saved so much money.  But I decided to try something else this time, and I am sooooo excited!!!!! It works just as good as the other one and is so much easier to make.  I have washed 4 loads with it, and it works great. So let me show you how.Into a gallon container pour:  3 Tablespoons of Borax3 Tablespoons of Washing Soda2 Tablespoons of Dawn dish soap4 Cups of boiling water10-15 drops of essential oil  (I used Lavender)Swirl- don't shake the ingredients-- until everything is dissolved, then let it cool....  You can use any kind of Dawn soap- there are different sents if you want to do that instead of using the oil to make it smell good. I chose to use the blue Dawn because it works really good on grease, so I thought it might clean tough stains better. But it doesn't smell all that great- so I used the essential oil. 

after it has cooled- then fill the gallon container up with water--I put the container in the sink, turned the water on low and allowed the suds to over flow out of the container...

And this is what you end up with... a gallon of laundry soap ready to go.  Add a 1/2 Cup to each load,  I have a front loading HE washer and it works great in it too.

Oh yea and totally off the laundry soap topic.. yesterday morning I went for a bike ride-- and ran into someone that said she had made the crock-pot yogurt I had posted a few days ago!! --- I was so excited ... sometimes I wonder if anyone is out there, or if I'm just talking to myself!!  :) Haha-  Thanks Christine, you made my day!Pin It