Last Years Christmas Eve Party

YES!! I caved .... with the snow yesterday morning and more forecasted to come, I started thinking Christmas!!  I know you are saying NO NOT YET!!!   I am with you, I am no where ready for Christmas talk!! But you can never start thinking about it too soon.  :)   
here are a few pictures from our Christmas Eve Party last year.
when my boys were young & living at home, we had a tradition.... every year we went shopping and everyone got to choose 2 of their favorite things to eat for our Christmas party!!  Jell-o is still a favorite.

lot's of favorites = lots of food!!
I added a few extra things too! I will post how to make some of these a little later ( or closer- to Christmas)  ;)
Family & food.... they are two of my FAVORITE things!!  And they always seem to go together!  LOL
The hot chocolate bar is always a hit!!  We love the coco-motion.  You can't really see them, but the rims of the glasses are dipped in chocolate & then rolled in crushed up peppermints.  Oh I want some now!!!!Santa hats... made with strawberries & a cream cheese mixture-- I'll post more on how to make these later.
Peppermint Chex Mix!!  This one will be YOUR new FAVORITE!!   I will post the recipe for this one soon too! 
So there's your little bit of Christmas in October!!  Pin It