My Loot From US

Everytime my Mother in Law or someone comes back, I'll definately buy some stuff from the internet, get it sent there and they'll bring it back for me.

I think I've inherited one very bad trait from my mom.... She loves to buy pots.. and  I love to buy tableware. It's something that we never feel.. "there's too  much at home". hahaha!! And I always tell my mom to stop buying pots last time, now.. someone's got to tell me stop buying tableware. Maybe it's due to me blogging that I am buying a lot of stuff now..but those fancy stuff are never expensive, RM2 shops, or Daiso stuff. These Corelles are really for dinner time. When you have kids at home, durable tableware is the choice. But don't think Corelle is really unbreakable.. not it is not, and I have a post to prove to you. (Mike's aunt's domestic helper broke lots of it) Just that it's more durable and lightweight. I got them from US at a fraction of what is sold here, which explains the online shopping frenzy.

6 pcs of pasta plate, 6 pcs of soup plate, 3 Pyrex mixing bowls, one corelle serving platter, one cereal bowl to make up for the one that broke and one corningware stovetop that my niece Joanna broke. Mom asked to get one to replace that. And most of all, a Candy and Frying Thermometer!!!!! I can't get it here, maybe not at the baking shops that I frequent!!! The thermometer will come in handy.. very soon, you'll see. No no, I'm not making candy, not yet.

Besides that, my sis in law also got me a COACH bag. Genuine one la.... You can buy from her if you want, She's selling them (from Houston, TX), all authentic. Her link is always on the bottom right of my blog, next to my hit counter :)

And I have this weakness for cooking books, especially when they are introduced by blogger that I love and adore. This The Whimsical Bakehouse is mentioned in Patricia's site, in her DDL Cake post. Darn!!! I've just got to get the book. And well, buying at Amazon and getting them sent to Houston, and waiting for the next trip back is definately worth getting 60%-70% off Malaysia's bookstore prices.

The colours of the cakes are a bit scary for me... but I do learn something from the book, especially doing white chocolate paintings :)

I've have some more loot end of the year... My elder sis in law coming back again :)
Kitchenaid??? Maybe, it's less than USD300 there. 30% of what is sold here!!! Imagine that. But it's 10kg.. heavy hoh?

Now, Independance day sale.. I'm waiting for you :) I don't think I can make it for Thanksgiving, but that's is even crazier.