‘Real Food’ Creatively Prepared With Play-Doh Toys

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Remember the times when you secretly pinched off a piece of Play-Doh and ate it, just to satiate your curiosity?

Rhett and Link from YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning did just that, but with their own homemade Play-Doh, just to play safe.

The pair used flour and water mixed with assorted vegetables, fruits and food coloring to make their safe-to-eat version of Play-Doh, before using Play-Doh tools to create “real food”, such as “hotdog buns” and “spaghetti and meatballs” with “toast”.

The verdict? The “toast” tasted good, but the “spaghetti” tasted, as expected, “doughy”.

Would you eat these treats inspired by Play-Doh?

Watch the video below to find out how the dudes did it.

[via YouTube, images via YouTube screenshots]