Show Support, Eun Ji Parodies South Korean Curling Team

Show support, Eun Ji parodies South Korean Curling team - On Friday (23/2), Eun Ji A Pink uploaded a photo to show her support for the Winter Olympics. He uploaded some photos with his friend by wearing an Olympic attribute.

Eun Ji A Pink uploaded a photo to show her support for the Winter Olympics
In addition, he also uploaded a funny video with some of his friends. In the recording Eun Ji and three friends mimicked Korean curling sports teams during the match.

It is known that the Korean curling team managed to beat Japan in the semi-finals. They will return to compete for gold.

For the victory Eun Ji also celebrates by uploading the video. On the video, Eun Ji totality wearing sunglasses, as worn by Korean curling team leader.

Eun Ji and her friends are in action to imitate the scene during the game, he acts like he is setting a strategy. Even Eun Ji also shouted calling the name of his colleagues as is usually done chairman of the South Korean curling team.

"Emotions and feelings from previous matches," Eun Ji wrote in a caption. "Congratulations to our country's curling team, for reaching the final."

Eun Ji also apologized to the curling team for his parodic video. "Kim Young Mi, I'm sorry We did it because you guys are great," Eun Ji added in his statement.

There is just this idol behavior. But it is solely to show his support and his love for South Korea's curling team.