Spray Paint Those Old Ugly Plastic Lawn Chairs

I had a couple of white lawn chairs that were looking pretty UGLY!!After many years of use around the fire pit, they were really dirty and it wouldn't wash off no matter how hard I scrubbed them.   I was going to get rid of them, but then I thought maybe I would try to spray paint them-- I figured I had nothing to loose!  So this is what I did...First I took a can of cheep black spray paint & painted them with that, then I used the Rust-oleum hammered finish brown spray paint that I have used on the jars I've been making. 

and this is how they turned out.... I love them, I figure it cost me about $4.00 a chair. So I can live with that, I haven't priced new chairs, but I'm sure they are aroung the $8.00- $10.00 dollar range.  And I like the fact that I re-used something that I already had instead of sending it to the dump!!

Here is a picture of the spray paints I used-- you could use any color, I tried a yellow color I had first- but it didn't cover up the black marks on the chair.   The black as a base coat worked well.  So there ya go get out there and find something to spray paint today!!! 
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