The Reason Actress Kim Nam Joo Never Refused BTS Members Into His Home

Actress Kim Nam Joo revealed the reason why she did not allow Bangtan Boys members to enter her home.

The reason actress Kim Nam Joo never refused BTS members into his home
The fans certainly remember that in September 2017, two Bangtan Boys, Jin and Jungkook members appeared as guests in the 'Let's Eat Dinner Together' program.

In this program, the main MC Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu together with the guests have a mission to dinner together at a stranger's house. They then visited one by one, to ask if they could join the dinner together.

But when visiting one by one people's house, Jungkook accidentally pressed the house bell of actress Kim Nam Joo. The actress then welcomed them very well, though in the end she refused to open the door and have dinner with them.

When present as a guest on the latest episode of 'Let's Eat Dinner Together', Kim Nam Joo revealed the reason why he did not open the door for Bangtan Boys members. "At that time at home there was only the three of us, I was with my son and daughter. We just finished dinner and saw a bright light in front of the house. And suddenly we heard a bell. I thought 'What's going on'? "

"Then we saw a handsome face on the camera screen and my daughter immediately shouted." She reveals her daughter's reaction when she sees Jagon's handsome face.

"There are so many thoughts in my head at the time. Do I have to open the door or not? We still have food left over. But in the end I found a reason why I could not open the door, because at that time I did not use makeup, "he explained. (

The reason actress Kim Nam Joo never refused BTS members into his home